Freightwaves line 240

How GXO makes the retail world go round

Freightwaves – Point of Sale Podcast  | Aug. 10, 2022

In this podcast, Mark Manduca, GXO’s Chief Investment Officer, discusses the company’s earnings results, first anniversary and the warehouse technoogy we’re deploying for customers.

Freightwaves line 235

GXO Logistics continues to write new chapters in its evolving story

Freightwaves  | Aug. 9, 2022

Freightwaves looks at GXO’s accomplishments during its first year as a stand-alone company and its growth prospects.

The Street line 230

What to expect from the consumer this holiday season

The Street  | Aug. 3, 2022

Malcom Wilson discussed how consumers and retailers can get ahead of another busy holiday shopping season.

CNBC line 225

GXO customers are doing well despite economic slowdown buzz

CNBC  | Aug. 2, 2022

Malcolm Wilson discussed GXO’s achievements as a first-year company, along with Q2 earnings and a look at what’s ahead this holiday season.

El pais line 220

U.S. giant GXO set to grow in Spain through outsourcing

El Pais  | Aug. 1, 2022

Rui Marqués, General Manager for GXO Iberia, discussed GXO’s growth in the region as customers look for new warehouse solutions [Article in Spanish].

Logistics manager july1

The robots are upon us

Logistics Manager  | Jul. 1, 2022

Neil Shelton discusses how GXO is accelerating the deployment of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to improve productivity and speed up order times.

SHD Logistics june28

In Focus – Celebrating Pride Month

SHD Logistics  | Jun. 28, 2022

In this podcast, Karlis Kirsis, GXO’s Chief Legal Officer, discusses how businesses can create intentional inclusivity for every employee.

Financial executive June6

Latest ESG trends in logistics and opportunities ahead

Financial Executives International  | Jun. 6, 2022

Meagan Fitzsimmons, GXO’s chief compliance and ESG officer, highlights why doing business the right way is good business.

Seeking Alpha may26

Supply chain disruption and labor tightness

Seeking Alpha  | May. 26, 2022

CEO Malcolm Wilson announces the completion of GXO’s Clipper acquisition.

Fortune may23

GXO debuts on 2022 Fortune 500 list

Fortune  | May. 23, 2022

Fortune magazine named GXO to its annual list of 500 largest U.S. companies by revenue in its first year as standalone company.

Motley Fool may7

This logistics leader could be the perfect ecommerce stock

The Motley Fool  | May. 7, 2022

Following GXO’s strong Q1 earnings results, The Motley Fool wrote about GXO’s resilient growth structure.

Freightwaves may5

GXO Logistics poised to embark on M&A hunt

FreightWaves  | May. 5, 2022

Baris Oran details GXO’s growth strategy and what’s on the horizon.

CNBC may4

Mad Money host Jim Cramer interviewed CEO Malcolm Wilson

CNBC  | May. 4, 2022

CEO Malcolm Wilson joins Mad Money to discuss supply chain trends, the economy, GXO’s growth and more with Jim Cramer.

Forbes may3

Named “Best Place to Work” by Forbes in Spain

Forbes  | May. 3, 2022

GXO ranks on the magazine’s list of the 75 best companies to work for in Spain [Article in Spanish].

Schroders april27

Are robots and AI our saviours or our replacements?

Schroders  | Apr. 27, 2022

Neil Shelton invited Schroders to our Nestlé UK site for a video conversation on automation.

Logistics Manager april8

Mencap and GXO celebrate four new recruits with autism

Logistics Manager  | Apr. 8, 2022

Mencap and GXO join forces to run a traineeship program that provides jobs for individuals with various abilities.

Transport Topics april8

Trying times give 3PLs an opportunity to prove their worth

Transport topics  | Apr. 8, 2022

Neil Shelton outlines how GXO helps customers turn ecommerce into a competitive advantage.


Logistics giant is dropping $1.3 bn on its first acquisition

Insider  | Mar. 30, 2022

Neil Shelton breaks down GXO’s M&A growth strategy, explaining what makes a compelling company [Subscription required]


“We’re clearly in the sweet spot”

Triad Business Journal  | Feb. 22, 2022

Neil Shelton discusses GXO’s great Q4 2021 earnings results and what’s ahead for the company [Subscription required]


Logistics and supply chain trends in 2022

Logistics and Transportation review  | Feb. 17, 2022

Gavin Williams wrote about how meeting ecommerce demand and leading on supply chain issues such as sustainability and big data opportunities will be key in 2022


There is massive growth ahead

Bloomberg TV  | Feb. 16, 2022

Mark Manduca discusses GXO’s strong earnings and the state of global supply chain


Our leadership in innovation is a strategic asset

FAQ Logistique  | Feb. 15, 2022

Richard Cawston discusses how our investment in technology and automation help GXO customers through tough times [Article in French]


How are logistics providers managing supply chain disruptions?

RoadSigns Podcast  | Feb. 15, 2022

Neil Shelton shared how GXO is adapting to an increasing challenging environment and keeping up with consumer demand


Solving logistics challenges

Transport Topics  | Jan. 22, 2022

Mark Manduca discussed the boom in ecommerce and how automation and predictive technology are crucial to staying competitive.

GXO robot 500X300

Robotic arms are using machine learning

Wall Street Journal  | Jan. 10, 2022

GXO’s technology is shaping the future of logistics. We’re using robotic arms, with advanced vision systems, to help our people deliver results for customers.

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