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GXO brings industry-first innovation to outbound process with Autonomous Mobile Robots

Eindhoven, The Netherlands  |  Únor 23, 2023

Custom-designed and engineered solution deploys Lowpad autonomous mobile robots, guided by intuitive software, as well as high-tech process equipment

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, today marked the success of its industry-first use of Lowpads Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for a customer in the food and beverage sector at a major warehouse facility in the Netherlands.

“GXO’s industry-first collaboration with Lowpad on a custom-designed and engineered automated solution for our customer’s outbound process has significantly improved efficiency,” said Luc Laurijssens, GXO’s Managing Director for Belgium and the Netherlands. “By deploying Lowpad AMRs that are fully linked to our Warehouse Management and Electronic Data Interchange systems, we’re enhancing accuracy, efficiency and quality for our customer, while easing the strain of a tight labor market and reducing costs. We’re looking forward to applying the success of this installation in the Netherlands to our other warehouses in all sectors.”

Approximately two years ago, GXO began working with a major food and beverage retailer to optimize the outbound process at its state-of-the-art facility in Nieuwegein. The temperature-controlled site, which operates 24/7, needed a solution that would place orders in the right sequence to be loaded onto specific trucks and to be placed on those trucks in the optimal arrangement for unloading at their destinations. The introduction of Lowpads at 16 pick-up points in the outbound process, the first such implementation in the food and beverage industry, brought significant increases in safety, productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Jan Bakker, CEO of Lowpad, said, “We are delighted to partner with GXO to help its customer optimize their warehouse performance. Lowpad specializes in designing automated solutions for intralogistics processes. Our solutions comprise a fleet of Lowpads, intuitive software and high-tech process equipment such as the I-transfer. Combining GXO’s vast experience and industry-leading expertise with our advanced technology and know-how is making warehouses safer, more productive and more efficient.”

GXO designs and operates some of the most advanced warehouse solutions in the world. Technology is a core competitive advantage for GXO, enabling it to add value to our customers’ end-to-end operations in terms of cost, efficiency, accuracy, and environmental impact. An early adopter of technology, today GXO operates roughly 22% more tech-enabled warehouses than the market average.

To watch a short video of a Lowpad AMR in action, click sem. For more information on how GXO uses its industry-leading technologies and automation to help customers reach their full potential in logistics, click sem.

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GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO) je největším světovým poskytovatelem smluvní logistiky na světě, který těží z rychlého růstu e-commerce, automatizace a outsourcingu. Společnost GXO s přibližně 130 tisíci zaměstnanci působí ve více než 950 logistických centrech o celkové ploše čítající téměř 20 milionů metrů čtverečních. Společnost spolupracuje s předními světovými tzv. blue chip společnostmi na zvládnutí složitých logistických výzev pomocí technologicky vyspělých řešení dodavatelského řetězce a velkých projektů v oblasti e-commerce. Sídlo společnosti GXO je ve městě Greenwich, ve státě Connecticut, v USA. NavštivteGXO.com, kde najdete další informace, a spojte se se společností GXO na sociálních sítích LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram a YouTube.

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