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Picard Surgelés and GXO inaugurate new warehouse in northern France

Paris, France  |  junio 15, 2023

Picard Surgelés, France’s favorite food brand, and GXO are delighted to announce the inauguration of their new logistics facility dedicated to warehousing and order fulfillment. Located in Sainghin-en-Mélantois in northern France, this facility strengthens Picard’s logistics network as part of its Proxima growth plan. It aims to meet the company’s growth ambitions while also meeting the goals of achieving operational excellence and reducing the environmental impact of its transport.

A strategic partnership for optimized logistics

In September 2021, the two companies formalized their partnership to expand Picard’s logistics footprint and optimize its operations through the GXO site in Sainghin-en-Mélantois. To accommodate the company’s dedicated activity, a 4,800-square-meter expansion was built, including 3,200 square meters of frozen storage and a 600-square-meter fresh dock.

Since mid-June, this warehouse has been serving 53 Picard stores located in the north and east of France as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg. The objective is to cover 128 Picard stores by 2026, Beginning in 2024, it will also enable Picard to export products to some of its international partners. Picard currently is present in 18 countries around the world.

The new logistics facility will support Picard’s rapid growth in France, where the company now has over 1,100 stores and aims to open 40 additional outlets each year through 2026. The facility will also help to optimize delivery routes and shorten lead times, offering better service to the company’s stores and therefore to its customers.

A partnership based on a common commitment to responsible development

In addition to their high operational standards, Picard and GXO share a common desire for sustainable growth and are therefore committed to reducing their environmental footprint, ensuring a quality working day for their employees and developing the local communities in which they operate.

By opening this warehouse, Picard and GXO are helping to promote economic growth and a dynamic job market in northern France. The site will employ around 40 people, including the recruitment of some 30 logistics operators.

Since 2019, Picard has been committed to the EVE program’s FRET21 program, supporting its transport partners in reducing their CO₂ emissions. While the company had targeted a 10% reduction in these emissions, it achieved a 14% reduction in three years. Picard is also the first company in the food retail industry to receive the FRET21 label, recognition of a high level of energy and environmental performance for the most sustainability-oriented shippers. The new warehouse will enable the brand to take this approach even further by optimizing and reducing the distances traveled during deliveries, thereby reducing the CO₂ emissions generated during transport.

“The opening of this new warehouse is a key step in supporting Picard’s development with a view to sustainable growth. We are aware of our responsibility in the development of our value chain and are resolutely committed to making Picard and our entire ecosystem of partners shine through practices that are respectful of people and their environment. The supply chain is an essential component in meeting these challenges, and we are delighted that our partnership with GXO has come to fruition, a perfect expression of this ambition.”
— Pascal Neveu, Directeur Supply Chain, Picard Surgelés.

GXO’s ESG strategy in France is based on four pillars: protecting the environment; purchasing sustainable goods and services; improving the quality of working life; and involving employees. GXO is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of its sites through sustainable construction and management practices. The Sainghin-en-Mélantois site has been awarded BREEAM certification by BRE (Building Research Establishment).

In addition, an innovative heating system, using a closed circuit of glycol water heated to a temperature of 8°C, has been installed to prevent frost problems in the warehouse slabs. This system recovers the heat produced by machines, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the site’s environmental footprint.

As part of the company’s efforts to preserve the site’s biodiversity, a pond has been installed, providing a natural habitat for many species and contributing to the conservation of local ecosystems. Moreover, beehives have been set up on the site, encouraging the presence of bees, pollinating insects essential to the balance of biodiversity.

Rui Marques, Directeur Général – France, GXO, commented: “We are very grateful to Picard for entrusting us with this partnership to manage such an essential part of their supply chain. From the outset, we have worked closely together to design a solution that reflects our common commitment to social and environmental best practices.”

Picard and GXO continue to pursue sustainable growth by working at all levels of their value chain and by ensuring that CSR issues are better integrated.

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Picard is a manufacturer and retail distributor of frozen products. With a network of over 1,100 stores in France, a home delivery and Click & Collect services, Picard fully embraces its role as a player in local life and has set itself the mission of “constantly nourishing the love of good food”. The brand has been committed to sustainable development and CSR for many years, with stores that are more respectful of the environment and a range of responsible products (sustainable fishing and aquaculture, organic products, eco-design of products and packaging, etc.). Globally, Picard is present in 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with stores or corners in leading brands and online. Picard offers a range of 1,300 products, from starters to desserts, and innovates by creating 250 new products every year. Picard employs nearly 6,800 team members.

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