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Carlsberg renouvelle son contrat avec XPO Logistics au Royaume-Uni

Northampton, UK | February 27, 2019

XPO Logistics, l’un des principaux fournisseurs mondiaux de solutions de transport et de logistique, étend sa collaboration avec Carlsberg UK dans le cadre d’un renouvellement de contrat pluriannuel pour la gestion de sa supply chain au Royaume-Uni. XPO gère actuellement plus de 400 millions de litres de bière Carlsberg par an avec une solution logistique intégrée pour la production, l’entreposage et la distribution auprès des brasseries.   

XPO operates three sites for Carlsberg UK in Northampton, receiving inbound raw materials and positioning them for the production lines; then moving the filled bottles, cans and kegs to storage areas where they undergo quality control before the packaged products are transferred to the distribution centre for onward delivery to Carlsberg UK’s customer base.

Paul Armstrong, VP customer supply chain Carlsberg UK said, “By working with XPO, we have been able to respond quickly to customer demand while ensuring a high level of satisfaction. XPO understands the importance of building loyalty for our brand through seamless logistics and production. We are delighted to extend our partnership in the UK.”

Richard Cawston, managing director, supply chain–Europe, XPO Logistics, said, “Over years of supporting Carlsberg’s sales growth, we’ve developed a robust culture of collaboration for their wholesale, retail and trade channels. We look forward to continuing to ensure widespread access to one of the UK’s favourite beers.”