GXO extends partnership with Avon

Warsaw, Poland  |  november 22, 2023

Companies celebrate 15th anniversary of working together to optimize logistics for global leader in health and beauty industry

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, announced today that it is extending its agreement with health and beauty industry leader Avon. GXO has supported Avon’s operations for 15 years.

“We are delighted to extend our longstanding partnership with Avon,” said Jean Luc Bessade, GXO Managing Director, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. “Across our operations, we are proud to support Avon’s evolving needs, including helping them adapt to new regulations in their markets and providing co-packing and value-added services. Through our high-quality service and our open communications and cooperation, we’ve been able to grow our business with Avon over many years. We very much look forward to expanding and continuously enhancing our partnership.”

GXO manages a site in Garwolin that supports Avon’s largest factory in Europe with distribution operations for the company’s products to over 50 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. GXO’s services include warehousing, value-added services and manufacturing support. GXO has dedicated 2,000 square meters to value-added services such as gift wrapping and personalized holiday messaging on decorative cards that give end consumers a customized unboxing experience.

The Garwolin facility also enables GXO to support Avon’s omnichannel activities. We provide a wide range of high-quality copacking services, including specialist labeling and QR codes, and each year, our highly skilled team co-packs thousands of different promotional sets, including bags, trays and gift boxes for occasions such as Easter, Advent and Christmas.

GXO also helps Avon meet legal requirements and label products for regulatory changes applicable across various markets, and our WMS solutions optimize efficiency and productivity. GXO also provides shared warehousing solutions for Avon and its suppliers that offer immediate access to high-quality space and fuel growth while minimizing operating costs in other markets across Europe.

Andrew Wills, Senior Manager Logistics, Avon said, “GXO has been an outstanding partner since 2008, helping us pursue our mission to create a better world for women by supporting their entrepreneurship, courage and ideas for success. GXO’s value-added services have helped cement the partnership between our companies. GXO has also helped us meet our ESG goals. We’re looking forward to GXO’s ongoing help in realizing the full potential of our logistics.”

GXO, in partnership with Avon, pursues ambitious environmental goals at its Garwolin site. The facility has been ISO 9001 certified since 2010 and ISO 14001 certified since 2014. It reduces the amount of waste generated by reusing materials (e.g., cardboard) by recycling about 97% of packaging waste paper and 90% of plastic film and by using electronic records to decrease the amount of printed documentation. The site also uses LED lighting to reduce energy use, and by optimizing forklift movements, it has reduced the number of battery charges necessary and therefore the amount of energy consumed by the charging stations.

GXO also is committed to supporting the communities where its team members live and work. Earlier this year, for example, GXO co-partnered the “Avon Against Violence — Run in Garwolin,” which is a part of Avon Against Violence campaign. More than 70 GXO employees participated in the run held in June.

Globally, GXO handles more than 1 billion beauty products each year and operates more than 40 sites that are dedicated to providing logistics solutions for the luxury brands of top companies in the beauty and wellness industry. GXO optimizes supply chains, using its industry-leading technology, scale and expertise to improve the flow of goods and deliver a best-in-class consumer experience for ecommerce fulfilment, omnichannel distribution and reverse logistics.

To see GXO in action for its beauty and wellness customers, a short video is available Klik hier. GXO’s recent acquisition of PFSweb brings additional value added capabilities, including high-touch customer care, secure payments and fraud protection and distributed order orchestration systems.

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GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO) is 's werelds grootste leverancier van contractlogistiek die profiteert van de snelle groei van e-commerce, automatisering en outsourcing. GXO streeft ernaar een gevarieerde werkplek van wereldklasse te bieden aan meer dan 135.000 teamleden op meer dan 970 magazijnlocaties met een totale oppervlakte van ongeveer 200 miljoen vierkante meter. Het bedrijf werkt samen met 's werelds toonaangevende blue-chip bedrijven om complexe logistieke uitdagingen op te lossen met technologisch geavanceerde supply chain en e-commerce oplossingen, op schaal en met snelheid. Het hoofdkantoor van GXO is gevestigd in Greenwich, Conn., VS. BezoekGXO.comvoor meer informatie en neem contact op met GXO op LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instagram en YouTube.

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