LGBTQ+ for a Better XPO

Brad Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer | June 22, 2020

Last week, the US Supreme Court ruled to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people under the Civil Rights Act. I strongly agree with that decision. Equality is fundamentally important to a free and fair society. When someone attempts to diminish another person because they’re gay, or a woman, or has a different skin color or culture, that behavior should not fly in our society and it certainly doesn’t fly at XPO.

I’ve always looked to hire bright people who are more skilled at what they do than I am. And I’ve always felt a duty to shareholders to go fishing for talent in the whole pool, not just a part of the pool. We give all job candidates equal consideration because it makes no sense to limit anyone’s chance of success, including ours.

Here’s what I say to the LGBTQ+ community: You’re welcome at XPO. You won’t be turned down by our recruiters because you’re LGBTQ+. You won’t be passed over for a promotion or paid less or fired because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. We respect people for their skills. If we hire you, it’s because we think you’ll be great.

We recruit within the LGBTQ+ community because it makes sense on every level: as human beings, as a society and as a business.