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GXO signs global agreement with 6 River Systems to expand supply of collaborative robots

Greenwich, USA  |  iulie 19, 2022

GXO more than tripled its use of collaborative robots in 2021; plans to add hundreds more in 2022 and beyond

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, announced today that it has reached a multi-year global agreement with 6 River Systems, a leading fulfillment solutions provider, to meet the demand for Collaborative Mobile Robots (CMRs) in its logistics operations across the U.S. and Europe.      

“6 River Systems’ Chucks provide a huge boost to the retention of our team members and deliver a substantial sustained increase in operational productivity,” said Sandeep Sakharkar, Chief Information Officer at GXO. “This agreement fortifies our long-term partnership with 6RS, ensuring rapid deployment of popular productivity-enhancing warehouse collaborative robots that give our customers a competitive advantage.”

GXO is rapidly expanding its use of technology to meet demand for outsourcing logistics from current and new customers. Along with productivity improvements, GXO’s innovative use of technology helps recruit new team members by creating a safer and more engaging workplace.

“Our extended partnership with GXO proves that our wall-to-wall fulfillment solutions provide our customers with the ability to scale their global operations,” said Rylan Hamilton, co-founder and co-CEO at 6 River Systems. “In less than five years, GXO has been able to utilize 6 River Systems innovations to address some of their biggest opportunities and create a trusted fulfillment ecosystem for their customers. We look forward to delivering great business outcomes to GXO with this new phase of our strategic partnership.”      

Chucks help reduce training time for new team members by as much as 80%. The collaborative robots use sophisticated sensors to navigate and are capable of operating in multi-tier installations, directing employees to the correct inventory on multiple levels, processing more goods and maximizing available space. They also reduce walking distances for employees and speed operations such as stocking, picking and sorting items.

To see Chucks in action at GXO, watch this video.

Despre GXO Logistics

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO) este cel mai mare furnizor de servicii de logistică contractuală din lume și beneficiază de creșterea rapidă a comerțului electronic, a automatizării și a externalizării. GXO se angajează să ofere un loc de muncă divers, de clasă mondială, pentru mai mult de 130.000 de membri ai echipei în peste 950 de unități care însumează aproximativ 18 milioane de metri pătrați. Compania colaborează cu cele mai importante companii de top din lume pentru a rezolva provocările logistice complexe cu soluții avansate din punct de vedere tehnologic pentru lanțul de aprovizionare și comerț electronic, la scară largă și cu rapiditate. Sediul corporativ al GXO se află în Greenwich, Connecticut, SUA. Vizitați pentru mai multe informații și conectați-vă cu GXO pe LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram și YouTube.

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