Black History Month: inspired and inspiring

Letitia King James, VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging  |  febrero 27, 2023

Black History Month invites everyone to gather inspiration from history.

Some of my inspiration comes from the experiences my grandmother shared with me — stories chronicling the effects of segregation, significant moments during the civil rights movement and, perhaps my favorite, her hopes for a better future. She hoped for a future that would bring racial togetherness and offer more opportunities and freedoms for me and for all in the generations that would follow her.

Her stories were purposeful and profound as told to a younger me. Her stories, now treasured by me, are still profound and add purpose to my life with a force and conviction that drive me. And that humble me.

Her stories also inspire me to hope for a future that embodies the unlimited possibilities of togetherness, opportunities untapped and freedoms yet unrealized. Not just hope for that future, but also commit to making that future a reality. That commitment — for generations now and those to come, regardless of race or ethnicity, heritage, gender, ability, gender expression and more — is something we all can make and contribute to and benefit from.

My grandmother’s stories were often about the larger-than-life heroes of her day. They were the people who made that commitment to make a better future and then acted on their commitment to make that future a reality. They’re the people who secured voting rights for women and integrated education and in myriad other ways uplifted the world. My grandmother’s stories are encouraging reminders of how our own road has been made straighter and smoother by the people who came before us. They are responsible for many of the freedoms and other advances we all enjoy today.

I’m honored and humbled that I get to make an impact every day through my own role as Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at GXO. While we know there is always more that can be done, GXO aims to be a leader in diversity, inclusion and belonging by:

  • Creating opportunities for underrepresented groups,
  • Being mindful to learn more about and mitigate microaggressions,
  • Raising awareness to unconscious biases and their impact,
  • Doing our part to make strides toward racial and gender equity and
  • Leading through connection to achieve a future of unlimited potential realized for all

Throughout this Black History Month, GXO has been highlighting outstanding Black Americans whose values align with our own. I’m extremely proud to work for a company that encourages all of us to build on the inspiring achievements of the past.

Throughout the year, but especially during Black History Month, I’m inspired by recalling the stories my grandmother told me as well as by my commitment to continue the work of her generation and make a better future for the generations that will follow.

Together, we can be inspired and we can inspire.