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GXO ramps up search for innovative technologies

Sandeep Sakharkar, Chief Information Officer | jun. 10, 2022

GXO and Sente Foundry are searching for innovative technology startups from around the globe to enhance GXO’s productivity, employee safety and waste reduction.

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Hoe vrouwen in Oeganda het stuur in handen nemen

Abbie Rennison, GXO Graduate and Transaid Project Officer | mrt. 8, 2022

Abbie Rennison, GXO Graduate en Transaid Project Officer, traint vrouwen in Oeganda als beroepschauffeur. Voor haar is de Vrouwendag deze keer best speciaal.

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Martin Luther King Dag 2022

Letitia King James Vice President Diversiteit, Inclusiviteit en Betrokkenheid

Letitia King James, Vice President Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, deelt gedachten over de erfenis van Dr. King en vertelt hoe dromen bij GXO gestalte krijgen.

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Our first 100 days

Malcolm Wilson, CEO | nov. 10, 2021

CEO Malcolm Wilson reflects on the first 100 days of GXO – what we’ve accomplished, and all the potential that’s still ahead of us.

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Fashion forward : three trends reshaping supply chains

Max Alexander, VP, Strategic Accounts

How ecommerce, product returns and sustainability are impacting the industry and the supply chain

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Het tijdperk van de automatisering

Sandeep Sakharkar, Chief Information Officer

Wat is de toegevoegde waarde van logistieke technologie? Sandeep Sakharkar bespreekt hoe technologie en automatisering slimmere supply chains creëren.

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Unpacking Sustainable Returns

Malcolm Wilson, CEO

As consumers continue to shift to e-commerce, the deluge of items returned online poses more than a logistical challenge for retailers and 3PLs ­– it’s also an environmental one.

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Een cultuur op volle kracht

Maryclaire Hammond, Chief HR Officer

Wie zijn we, en wie willen we zijn? Maryclaire Hammond, CHRO, introduceert GXO's vijf gedeelde normen en waarden.


Welcome to GXO

Malcolm Wilson, CEO

Today marks a turning point for all of us. Like many before us, we’re building a brand-new company that’s filled with promise and opportunity.