GXO pilots AI-enhanced robotics in warehouse

Greenwich, USA  |  februari 06, 2024

GXO deploys advanced platform to make depalletizing and repalletizing safer and more efficient for leading beauty brand

Robots use AI to analyze real-time data and enhance performance

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, announced today that it is partnering with California-based robotics developer Dexterity to pilot AI-enhanced robotics in a warehouse to make operations for a leading beauty brand safer and more efficient.

“We’re leading the charge on integrating automation into our customers’ supply chains to help them grow and meet their strategic objectives,” said Adrian Stoch, Chief Automation Officer, GXO. “This pilot is especially exciting as it combines advanced robotics with artificial intelligence and machine learning into a practical application to make warehouse operations safer, more productive and more efficient.”

GXO is working with Dexterity, which leverages AI to power robots with human-like capabilities to depalletize, label and repalletize packages, optimizing the inbound and outbound processes in the warehouse. Because these smart robots utilize AI, they require virtually no instructions or setup prior to implementation, and they self-train on the job, improving their performance with every pick. Deploying robotics for these functions increases operational efficiency and safety, while freeing up team members to focus on higher-value-add activity.  

Samir Menon, Dexterity’s CEO, said, “GXO is at the forefront of using technology to enable superior operations performance. We are proud to support them with robots that are smart, fast, and easy for their team to deploy in their warehouse operations.” The robots’ adaptability means they can be swiftly deployed into operations across a range of industries. This adaptive technology is highly flexible and can be deployed either as a standalone solution in a previously manual operation or in a highly automated warehouse, representing the next chapter in supply chain automation. To see this exciting new technology in action, click Klik hier.

Over GXO Logistics

GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO) is 's werelds grootste leverancier van contractlogistiek die profiteert van de snelle groei van e-commerce, automatisering en outsourcing. GXO streeft ernaar een gevarieerde werkplek van wereldklasse te bieden aan meer dan 135.000 teamleden op meer dan 970 magazijnlocaties met een totale oppervlakte van ongeveer 200 miljoen vierkante meter. Het bedrijf werkt samen met 's werelds toonaangevende blue-chip bedrijven om complexe logistieke uitdagingen op te lossen met technologisch geavanceerde supply chain en e-commerce oplossingen, op schaal en met snelheid. Het hoofdkantoor van GXO is gevestigd in Greenwich, Conn., VS. BezoekGXO.comvoor meer informatie en neem contact op met GXO op LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instagram en YouTube.

About Dexterity

Dexterity, Inc. is a Redwood City, California-based robotics company specializing in creating intelligent robots with human-like dexterity. By automating repetitive tasks, Dexterity’s full-stack robotics solutions unlock the maximum value of the workforce, allowing employees to focus on higher-level, cognitive work. With applications in logistics, warehousing, and supply chain operations, Dexterity’s robots excel in complex manipulations in unpredictable environments. To learn more, visit