Log’ins Selected as Supply Chain Partner by VEJA in France

Lyon, France | September 23, 2020

Social joint-venture of ARES and XPO Logistics promotes worker inclusion 

Log’ins, the pioneering joint-venture between logistics leader XPO Logistics and non-profit ARES Groupe, has been selected by the sneaker brand VEJA as its logistics partner in France. Since 2005, VEJA has been creating sneakers in a different way, combining social projects, economic justice and ecological materials.

VEJA is seeing an increase in global demand for its fair-trade sneakers produced in Brazil. An inclusive, 24-person logistics team trained by Log’ins will operate a 4,500 square metre warehouse in the Ile-de-France region, with an expected inflow of approximately 430,000 pairs of VEJA sneakers per year. Log’ins will be responsible for storage and distribution to retail stores in Paris and e-commerce customers worldwide, excluding the US market. Additionally, Log’Ins will manage the reverse logistics of returned products, working with another ARES partner for recycling needs.

Sébastien Kopp, VEJA co-founder and creative director, said, “We now have the support of the Log’ins team and the value they provide. This partnership is a great way for us to demonstrate that a fashion brand can have an impact on the supply chain from end to end, while highlighting the business benefits of inclusivity.”

XPO and ARES established Log’ins in 2011 to help marginalised individuals achieve a smooth transition to traditional employment. Drawing on XPO’s expertise, the program trains participants in forklift operation, order preparation and other logistics jobs, as well as interpersonal workplace skills. Through ARES, participants receive social support to help them find housing and financial assistance.

Bernard Wehbe, XPO Logistics managing director, supply chain – France and Switzerland, said, “We are thrilled that Log’ins will be providing inclusive logistics solutions for VEJA’s global e-shop and retail stores in France. This is why XPO and ARES created Log’ins to begin with – to show that social solidarity is a very real opportunity for companies of all kinds.”

Guillaume Hérisson, ARES managing director, said, “Log’ins is changing how people think about the value of hiring differently-abled colleagues. I am proud that ARES and XPO are shining a light on the advantages of a fully inclusive workforce. Together, we congratulate Log’ins and VEJA on their new partnership.”

About Log’ins 
Log’ins is an innovative joint-venture between logistics leader XPO Logistics and the non-profit ARES Groupe to help disabled individuals succeed in the traditional employment market. The Log’ins ‘solidarity logistics’ model is a springboard to employment that reconciles performance, professionalism and social impact and fosters inclusion in the business world.