XPO Logistics once again wins Logistics Company of the Year in 2016

Milan, Italy | November 25, 2016

XPO Logistics, a top 10 global provider of innovative supply chain solutions, once again has been awarded Logistics Company of the Year – an important recognition granted by the industry association Assologistica. XPO Logistics received the award for having launched, with its customer Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), the first logistics operation in Italy capable of managing the flow of goods as one seamless process within an airport setting. The operation was successfully implemented at Rome’s Fiumicino airport.

In collaboration with ADR, XPO Logistics developed a logistics solution that meets high standards for safety, quality control and reliable service to the airport’s retail community, while simplifying operator traffic within the airport, as well as inbound and outbound flows. The solution involved the development of a central warehouse at the airport that serves as a consolidation center. This hub uses technology-enabled cross-docking to manage supplies and reduce the handling of goods. The result is a flexible logistics operation that serves as a decoupling buffer between the storage and distribution of goods, efficiently consolidating and distributing merchandise to stores within the airport area.

“We are pleased to once again be among the companies recognized for having developed an innovative project in which we very much believed, and bringing it to reality”, Ube Gaspari, managing director of XPO Logistics in Italy, said. “This customized solution, implemented for the first time in an Italian airport, allows us to leverage our expertise in this field while also supporting the growth prospects of ADR, one of our most important customers”. The Logistics Company of the Year award was created by Assologistica, which represents over 250 companies operating in Italy’s logistics sector, to promote advances in supply chain management. The award honors those companies, business leaders, experts and researchers that invested in innovation in different areas during the course of the year, thereby significantly contributing to the growth and improvement of logistics and supply chain management at the national level.