Leveraging asset recovery to maximize ROI and minimize waste for Vestel


De uitdaging

Vestel, a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing company consisting of 18 companies specialised in electronics, major appliances and information technology,sought the expertise of GXO ServiceTech to create a solution for TV returns.

De oplossing

Working with Vestel, GXO ServiceTech created an Asset Recovery process to maximise the return on investment. The solution was aimed at giving products a second life in the market, avoiding waste.

Het resultaat

Vestel heeft in de afgelopen 3 jaar meer dan 40.000 tv's verwerkt en kon met GXO ServiceTech meegroeien en opschalen tijdens piekperiodes.

The Asset Recovery process has ensured that over 75% of their TV returns are put back into the market to be re-used, giving them a second life.

Minimising WEEE waste by recovering spare parts and reusing in the process, GXO ServiceTech has been working with Vestel to decrease the amount of electrical waste, whilst also increasing the resale value of the recovered TVs by over 10%.