Press Release

XPO Logistics Opens Sustainable Logistics Hub in Guadalajara to Support Iberian Supply Chain for Primark

Madrid, Spain | October 8, 2020

XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, has been appointed to support supply chain operations in Spain and Portugal for Primark, the international retailer known for high-quality fashion at value prices. XPO has developed a tailored solution to increase logistics capacity for Primark in Iberia, the retailer’s second largest European market.

XPO is managing Primark’s supply chain operations from a new, 32,000 square metre facility in Torija, Guadalajara, Spain. Services include the management of inbound palletised products and order processing for stock distribution to Primark’s stores in Spain and Portugal.

Jorge Paloma, Primark’s head of logistics for mainland Europe, said: “We chose XPO as our logistics partner because they have the size and expertise to match the growing demand from our customers in Spain and Portugal. Primark recognises our responsibility to the environment, striving to minimise our impact wherever we can. XPO has developed a sustainable solution that has bolstered our logistics capacity in Iberia and can be scaled up as we continue to expand.”

XPO is known as a leader in both innovation and sustainability in Europe. Electricity consumed by the company’s energy-efficient Guadalajara logistics centre is 100% renewable. In addition, XPO is using a number of natural gas-powered trucks to provide deliveries to select Primark stores in Spain. Natural gas trucks have the ability to reduce carbon emissions by up to 15%, compared with traditional diesel.

Rui Marques, XPO’s managing director, supply chain – Iberia, said: “We are extremely proud to partner with the respected Primark brand in Spain and Portugal. We know that today’s consumers look for environmentally sound retail processes and reliable product availability. Our logistics operations for Primark deliver on these goals, and we will continue to strive for the smallest possible eco-footprint.”

About Primark 
Primark is an international retailer that offers the latest fashion, beauty and homeware at the best value on the high street; put simply, Amazing Fashion at Amazing Prices. First established in Dublin in 1969, we currently have over 380 stores, with over 16 million square foot of selling space, across 13 countries: the Republic of Ireland, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, the US, Italy Slovenia and Poland. We employ over 70,000 people and in our last financial year (FY 19/20) we opened 12 stores creating over 2,800 new jobs and received over 48,000 job applications for these stores.