Press Release

XPO Logistics Pilots Intelligent Inventory-Picking Technology in France

Lyon, France | January 8, 2020

XPO Logistics, a leading global provider of transport and logistics solutions, is piloting a new intelligent technology in France in collaboration with Zebra Technologies. XPO and Voiteq, a leader in voice-directed solutions, have developed an inventory-picking application for the Zebra HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display, which helps employees work more productively. XPO is the first logistics company to test the technology in France in real-life warehouse operations, following a successful pilot in the UK.

The HD4000 provides a real-time, field-of-view display that, in combination with Voiteq’s voice solution, allows timely communication of inventory locations and other essential information. This improves speed and accuracy by keeping employees informed in real time, while freeing them to focus on more important tasks. The technology is easy to reprogram for changes in operations.

Richard Cawston, managing director, supply chain – Europe, XPO Logistics, said, “We are pleased that our input has been instrumental in adapting Zebra’s HD4000 to the logistics environment. By leading with pilots in Europe, we are committing to further supporting our employees in the workplace, while helping our customers improve the efficiency of their supply chains.”

“We have worked closely with XPO Logistics and Voiteq to adapt the solution to XPO’s warehouse environments and ensure that the HD4000 aligns with XPO’s expectations for widespread process efficiencies,” said Thierry Vasseur, Central Region VP and Sales Director, Zebra Technologies.

XPO invests approximately $550 million annually in innovation. The company has a global technology organization of 1,800 professionals focused on applying cutting-edge thinking to commercial practices.