People and Culture

A Culture at Full Potential

Maryclaire Hammond, Chief HR Officer  |  August 11, 2021

Who are we, and who do we want to be?

As we launch GXO, we have the privilege and responsibility to ask ourselves these two questions, so we can set out on this journey together, guided by our shared values. The answer to both questions lies in our culture, but a great workplace culture doesn’t simply appear. It emerges when our entire business takes our values seriously – when every worker, supervisor, manager and leader lives them every day, and we encourage each other to accomplish what we never imagined we could take on.

A new set of values for a new business

For GXO, our values are mandates we’ll follow together. As our new company grows, it’s our responsibility to be safe, to be inclusive, to make an impact, to change the game, and together, to deliver results.

If these feel familiar, it’s because we’re carrying with us many of the values that have long been fundamental to our business. We’re here to be safe, to take care of ourselves and one another. We respect each other, and are inclusive of people of all backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives. We’re an entrepreneurial team, serving our customers and impressing our shareholders with impactful vision and meaningful results. And we consider ESG to be critical so that we’re not just caring for ourselves, but our planet as well.

Changing the game, building the culture

But if there’s one value closest to my heart in these early days of GXO, it’s our determination to change the game. We’re the world’s largest company dedicated solely to contract logistics, and as we build that global organization, we’re working together across nations – not siloed by region or language but sharing best practices with team members from every country. I’ve already seen game-changing shifts in our culture leading up to the launch, and I can’t wait to see the full power of this global team, working together in strength.

It’s why I’m passionate about your involvement in building a workplace where people can show up as themselves, be who they want to be, and bring their ideas and perspectives to the game. In that environment we’ll be more inclusive, more impactful, and more able to bring the world’s logistics to its full potential.

Working together to be better

No single person can set the tone of a company. We all play a role in making our workplace an environment we want to be in; one where everyone can thrive. We’ll continue learning from each other, we’ll keep striving to be better, and we’ll always hold to our values. From Day One, they’re at the core of everything we do.