Press Release

Sarenza and XPO Logistics inaugurate new logistics platform close to Paris in the presence of Mr. Hollande, French President of the Republic

Lyon, France | October 10, 2016

The tailored, automated logistics solution is designed and operated by XPO Logistics to accommodate Sarenza’s European growth, and can be adapted to new online activities and service developments for Sarenza’s end customers.

Mr. François Hollande, French President of the Republic, came to support Sarenza’s expansion by honoring the opening of the new facility with his presence. Customer satisfaction and regular investment – essential for growth and job creation – are instrumental to the strategy of Sarenza’s leaders, Stéphane Treppoz and Hélène Boulet-Supau.

President Hollande commended Sarenza in his remarks: “I wanted to come here to recognize a great success – that of your company. We are able, in France, to be the best in invention, design, production, distribution and logistics. How do we achieve such a result? It takes entrepreneurs; that is unavoidable. You also need employees. If one link is missing, nothing is possible. It takes also capital. It was very important that the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI) that we created in 2012 could support a business like yours – not merely to lend money, but also to participate in the investment. In France, we have this possibility, this capacity. Sometimes we doubt it. When we look at what we can do, our country is capable of massive investment, and in the end, job creation. Moreover, thanks to digital opportunities, we know that those who have left school early can succeed in this new ecosystem. Finally, you mentioned morality. Some large participants in the digital economy are not taxed. The fight against tax optimization is very important. The European Commission took this up for fair competition. For all of these reasons, it was important to come to this new warehouse: to support a business, entrepreneurs, employees and investors.”

Since 2005, Sarenza, the leading French online shoe and accessories retailer, has developed its activities throughout Europe. Sarenza gradually carved out a leading position in the e‐commerce market, with more than 50% of its revenues generated in Europe.

To support its rapid growth, Sarenza selected a logistics provider capable of meeting its stringent requirements for quality, speed and flexibility, regardless of business volumes. Capitalizing on its extensive knowledge of automated logistics processes and the e-commerce sector, XPO Logistics custom-built the new 19,500 m² dedicated warehouse, including a 500 m² photography studio for product images directly related to stock. XPO currently manages the storage of 2.6 million items per year for Sarenza, as well as order picking and shipment of around 6 million items per year.

Sarenza CEO Stéphane Treppoz commented: “As a fully-fledged contributor to Sarenza’s growth, this new warehouse allows us to even better meet customer demand for stock availability, rapid fulfillment and parcel customization. With 19,500 m² more capacity, Sarenza demonstrates both its growth ambitions in Europe and its one obsession: its customers’ satisfaction. Our customers will now have their orders processed in about 30 minutes after their online confirmation. We have built, with XPO Logistics, one of the most modern fashion distribution centers in Europe – and in France, which makes us extremely proud.

Malcolm Wilson, XPO Logistics Europe managing director of supply chain, said: “Efficient logistics play an instrumental role in the success of e-commerce companies, which require ever more responsive, flexible and robust human and technological resources designed to meet the demands of online shoppers: delivery speed, security, reliability, personal service and easy returns, even during peak shopping periods. Our XPO teams are proud to commit their expertise to supporting Sarenza and help drive the growth of its e-commerce business in Europe.”