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XPO unveils GXO as new company name for planned spin-off of logistics business

Greenwich, Conn. | Mar. 18, 2021

XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO), a leading global provider of supply chain solutions, today announced the identity of the new company that has been created in connection with the planned spin-off of XPO’s logistics business. The company is named GXO Logistics, Inc. and will go to market with the tagline “Logistics at full potential.”


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GXO and Bigblue
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GXO and Bigblue expand partnership to France

Lyon, France | Kvě 30, 2023

Bigblue, which offers brands and online stores fulfillment services, started its partnership with GXO in Spain, now includes France.

GXO Kellogg
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GXO expands pan-European partnership with Kellogg

London, UK | Kvě 23, 2023

GXO and Kellogg will continue to deliver continuous improvement initiatives at operations that span five countries and eight sites.

GXO Multiverse PR image thumb
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GXO partners with Multiverse to launch a data training academy

London, UK | Kvě 18, 2023

GXO partners with Multiverse, a world-class training and coaching company, to launch a Data Academy to further increase data literacy and drive efficiency across the GXO organization.

Circular supply chain Blog

Unlock the benefits of a circular supply chain

Meagan Fitzsimmons, Chief Compliance and ESG Officer | Kvě 22, 2023

Discover how successful brands are participating in the circular economy and leveraging warehouse logistics to maximize value while minimizing waste.

Belonging Week Bill Fraine blog

Opportunity should have no limits

Bill Fraine, Chief Commercial Officer | Dub. 18, 2023

This Belonging Week, Bill Fraine shares the eye-opening event leading him to become an ally to diverse candidates and colleagues, and his approach to allyship.


How shared warehousing is transforming logistics

Tony Mannix, Strategic Advisor – Retail Logistics, GXO | Bře. 27, 2023

Tony Mannix dives into the evolving world of retail logistics, the rise of shared warehousing, and the launch of GXO Direct in the U.K.


Bloomberg 1
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Uncertain time for the consumer

Bloomberg  | Kvě 15, 2023

Chief Investment Officer Mark Manduca discusses nearshoring trends, customers shifting to automation, peak season prep and a whole lot more.

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GXO Direct to rely on machine learning to drive efficiencies

Forbes  | Kvě 12, 2023

Division President Steve Lewis shared how Blue Yonder and GXO speed up implementation time together.

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GXO issues solid outlook, raises full-year guidance

FreightWaves  | Kvě 10, 2023

Freightwaves looks at GXO’s record first-quarter results.

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XPO warehouse
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Selected by Electrolux

Lyon, France | June 22, 2021

XPO has been awarded a multiyear contract by electrolux to manage its logistics operations in France

Electric US truck
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Green 75 Supply Chain Partner

Greenwich, Conn. | June 18, 2021

XPO Logistics Recognized for Environmental Sustainability as a Green 75 Supply Chain Partner

Meagan Fitzsimmons
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XPO Logistics Announces Meagan Fitzsimmons as Chief Compliance Officer for GXO Logistics Spin-Off

Greenwich, Conn. | June 15, 2021

XPO Logistics announces Meagan Fitzsimmons as Chief Compliance Officer for GXO Logistics

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