Industries we serve

Chemical and energy

Quality-controlled, environmentally sound storage and distribution solutions

GXO’s chemical and energy logistics solutions provide safe, environmentally conscious blending, packaging, storing and shipping services for our customers. We have experience with both basic and specialty products, including petroleum, plastics and resins, seed, raw materials, man-made fibers, acids and gases, additives, adhesives and coatings. Our engineers will customize chemical and energy logistics solutions to your needs, with a focus on continuous improvement. We can also establish baselines that help you standardize safety and regulatory compliance across your supply chain with carriers and other service providers. 


  • Banding
  • Barcoding
  • Bulk-to-bag and bag-to-bulk
  • Display building
  • Packaging: multi-packs, shrink-wrapping and others
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Raw materials testing
  • Site safety and waste management programs
  • Thermoforming
  • EPA, USDA, FDA, BRC, AIB, GMP, COMAH and SEVESO compliant


  • Bulk and packaged chemicals
  • Energy sector logistics
  • Fuel services

Case study

Supply chain continuity for a chemical company facing disruption


A United States chemical company was facing a dilemma. One of its key business partners was planning to relocate manufacturing operations overseas — a move that would cause a significant shift in the customer’s supply chain. The customer’s formulas, which were currently blended domestically, would be blended abroad and then shipped to the US for packaging and distribution. 


GXO created the technologies needed for blending, filling and packaging, keeping raw materials within the United States. This enabled our customer to move operations to a region they had previously identified as a strategic location for distribution. We helped the customer obtain EPA certification for the new facility, where our team runs multiple lines — filling bottles ranging from six ounces to several gallons. We also perform secondary packaging, including multipacks, shrink-wrapping and banding, kitting, bagging, overwrapping, prepacks and clamshells. An on-site laboratory ensures the right amount of active ingredients in each mixture.


  • Manage the only true end-to-end energy logistics solution within this customer’s supply chain
  • Consolidated multiple distribution centers into a strategic regional hub
  • Successfully transitioned existing product to new operations
  • Launched a new line of herbicide product
  • On-site transportation department that handles customer requests 24/7

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