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Public Warehousing GXO Logistics

Flexible storage and management of general and specialized goods

GXO is a global warehousing leader in the storage and management of goods. In the US, our large network of sites offers variable-cost solutions for general and specialized storage, including food-grade and chemical products. Our teams understand the operating nuances of the industries they serve, such as regulatory compliance and date/lot code tracking, and we can integrate our warehouse management platform with customer’s business systems for real-time visibility.

If you operate in any of these US regions, we can provide specialized storage at select sites:

Chemicals – Southwest, Gulf Region, Northeast, Midwest

  • Agricultural products and seed storage
  • Cooler space
  • Corrosive, oxidizer and flammable goods storage
  • Hazmat-certified sites
  • Non-hazardous goods storage
  • Racked and bulk capacity
  • Refrigerated space

Food-grade products – Southwest, Northeast, Midwest

  • AIB-audited facilities
  • Ambient storage
  • Cooler space
  • FDA-audited facilities
  • Freezer space
  • Racked and bulk capacity
  • Rail access
  • Temperature-controlled storage

Case study

Special storage for a bottled-water leader


In early spring, at the beginning of the seasonal surge in demand, GXO began providing public warehousing space to a leading manufacturer of bottled-water brands. As production ramped up at the customer’s plants, we provided a total 100,000 square feet of supplemental warehouse space in two facilities on one of our logistics campuses.


Due to the nature of the customer’s products, storage required extra spacing between pallets to allow for air flow and avoid mold growth. GXO adjusted the layout of these facilities to meet the customer’s unique requirements, safely storing approximately 5,800 pallets of product. At the customer’s request, we then expanded capacity by another 80,000 square feet at a separate facility.


  • Ensured the quality of the bottled water during storage and shipping, while keeping pace with seasonal demand
  • Responded quickly to accommodate the customer’s need to store an additional 5,000 pallets
  • Leveraged the flexible labor resources on GXO’s campus to fill the first two facilities to capacity within three weeks of implementation and the third facility within two weeks

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