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Industrial and construction

Flexible management of parts and raw materials for more uptime at less cost

GXO has extensive knowledge of industrial, construction logistics and an ISO-certified quality management system that will be applied to your unique requirements. We’ll engineer tailored construction logistics processes that give you critical agility and will proactively look for ways to continuously improve your supply chain operations. Our team will collaborate with your business to support your production and inventory strategies — delivering sustainable efficiencies that strengthen your competitive advantages.

Key Capabilities:

  • Accelerated supplier onboarding
  • Customized KPIs, Kaizen workshops and Lean methodologies 
  • Demand planning
  • Kitting, light assembly, point-of-use delivery and other manufacturing support
  • Powerful digital tools for supply chain analysis
  • Precise inventory management at lower overhead
  • Raw materials management
  • Reverse logistics management
  • Supplier e-portal with network-wide visibility, including shipments in transit
  • Vendor-owned and vendor-managed inventory services


  • Construction and building materials
  • Forestry and mining
  • Industrial equipment and machinery 
  • Paper, packaging and publishing
  • Industrial manufacturing  

Case study

Focused on continuous improvement for an industrial gas turbine manufacturer


A global manufacturer of industrial gas turbines was dissatisfied with its third-party logistics operator in the United States and sought a new partner with a commitment to innovation and a mindset of continuous improvement. The manufacturer selected GXO, based on our reputation, company values, investments in technology and culture of continuous improvement at all levels.


GXO safely transitioned this customer in mid-2020, during the pandemic, providing a fully upfitted distribution center and trained workforce managed as a digital warehouse ecosystem. We integrated the customer’s supply chain system with our cutting-edge warehouse management platform and implemented our proprietary labor productivity technology. Our solution includes management of a unique service offered by this manufacturer to its end-customers: They can order product and store the prepared shipment until a delivery date, time and carrier of their choice.


  • Manage more than 12,000 industrial parts SKUs of various sizes as bulk, bin and racked storage
  • Prepare orders for shipment domestically, as well as to Canada, Belgium and Australia
  • Began receiving inventory from the prior 3PL warehouse in June 2020 and successfully managed through COVID-19 carrier disruptions to begin outbound shipping in August 
  • Established additional space adjacent to the distribution center to safely unload trucks away from the main logistics operations

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