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GXO has developed high-profile digital warehouses — “warehouses of the future” — around the globe that also serve as think tanks and innovation incubators for our technology organization. Designed as collaborative environments where we work closely with customers, these digital warehouses have far-reaching impacts on the future of logistics. In addition to the direct benefit to supply chain operations, our digital warehouses help our customers move forward on corporate responsibility goals, such as environmental sustainability.

Case study

Transformational productivity for Nestlé


Our exciting partnership with Nestlé, the largest food-and-beverage company in the world, has delivered the Digital Distribution Warehouse of the Future — a groundbreaking logistics site and innovation hub — in the United Kingdom. We were selected by Nestlé for our future vision, our proven ability to push boundaries through technology and our expertise in implementing custom-designed logistics operations at scale. Our team worked closely with Nestlé to reimagine data-driven distribution — with remarkable results.


This ambitious undertaking brought together leading experts in their fields, the latest technology and highly efficient site design to create a logistics command center. Our digital ecosystem integrates predictive analytics, intelligent machines and state-of-the-art automation systems co-developed with Swisslog Logistics Automation. GXO’s European innovation lab is based at this new site, giving us the ability to trial new technologies in real-life operations and under various customer and product requirements.


  • A 638,000 square-foot distribution center with the capacity to process the highest throughput of any logistics site in Nestlé’s global network 
  • Smart robots that take full pallets of product from storage and build mixed product pallets automatically, picking a total of 175 layers per hour
  • Automated infeed and outfeed flows that average more than 61,000 cases per week
  • Eco-friendly site operations that include ammonia refrigeration systems, energy-saving lighting, air-source heat pumps for administration areas and rainwater harvesting

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