What we do

Unlock the potential of your supply chain

Every supply chain is unique and full of untapped potential.

The supply chain management solutions that we create for you are tailored to your business’s challenges and complexities. We leverage a broad range of capabilities including ecommerce expertise, reverse logistics and manufacturing support to tackle every logistics need, from warehousing to distribution. Ultimately, our goal is simple: to help you adapt and grow with a smarter supply chain.

Aftermarket support

Experienced aftermarket logistics that leverages our scale and technology to maintain optimal service and stock levels, enhance uptime and improve customer retention.

Clicklink® Click & Collect

Fast integrated solution for store delivery and easy returns management.

Data driven reverse logistics

How data science can help cut costs, add revenue, and improve sustainability for your business.


A superior digital experience that builds loyalty for ecommerce companies and direct-to-consumer manufacturers by meeting consumer expectations.

Fulfilment and lead logistics

World-class outcomes overseen by a single point of contact, who also serves as a customer advocate in managing third-party service providers.

GXO Direct shared warehousing

A flexible, cost-effective solution for seamless fulfillment.

GXO ServiceTech

GXO ServiceTech is a leading specialist in reverse logistics for electronics retailers, manufacturers and insurance providers, with multiple sites across the UK and Europe.

Manufacturing support

End-to-end management of inbound logistics, including flow optimization, subassemblies and inventory regulation via vendor-managed models.

Public warehousing

Variable-cost warehousing solutions managed by experienced operators for short- or long-term storage needs, with seasonal flexibility and real-time visibility.

Reverse logistics

End-to-end reverse logistics, with proven processes for improving end-market service, increasing customer retention and maximizing the value of returned merchandise.

Supply chain optimization

Data scientists who analyze inventory patterns and strategize on speed-to-market and multichannel management.

Transportation Solutions


Value-added services

Packaging, co-packing, kitting, bundling, collateral fulfilment, gift-wrapping, channel-specific boxing and labeling, retail compliance, order customization and displays.

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