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Supply chain optimization

Real-time visibility and demand forecasting to manage resources

GXO’s supply chain applications are designed to manage complex warehouse logistics as part of a sophisticated digital ecosystem. Our focus is on integrating robotics, autonomous vehicles, automated sortation systems, drones, augmented reality, smart analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) — technologies that move goods through the supply chain most efficiently. Once a startup is complete, our managers use analytics with machine learning to identify opportunities for supply chain optimization.

Every function, from forecasting and daily labor metrics to receipts and billing, is available through a single portal. Because our systems are cloud-based, operational data and analytics can be accessed on any device, including mobile devices and wireless workstations. This is a valuable lever for supply chain optimization, because it enhances collaboration. Access to data also reduces lead times to launch new operations, open new facilities and retrofit existing ones.

Case study

Emergency supply chain implementation cements retailer relationship


A global children’s brand licensed operation of its retail stores to another retailer. When the licensee entered bankruptcy, the children’s brand was left without a supply chain just a few months before the peak holiday season. GXO was asked to develop a retail supply chain strategy and implement it from the ground up in less than 60 days.


GXO met an aggressive start-up schedule and accommodated the brand’s significant holiday order surge. After the season was over, we worked with our customer to define the direction of its brand and its supply chain requirements. We also fielded a cross-functional team tasked with refining the solution and identifying cost and service opportunities — for example, on the team’s recommendation, we replaced manual material handling with automated processes.


  • Realized customer cost reductions of more than 27% in the first two years of operations
  • Awarded our customer’s direct-to-consumer distribution business, in addition to its retail distribution business

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