Industries we serve

Technology and consumer electronics

Best-in-class fulfilment and reverse logistics that leverage advanced automation

We’re one of the world’s leading providers of logistics for business and consumer technology and electronics, including distribution, reverse logistics and repair. Each day, we process hundreds of thousands of telecom devices, home electronics and other products, fulfilling direct-to-consumer and retail orders with replicable accuracy. The special requirements of these products — such as high-security work areas, electrostatic discharge, final configuration and testing — are easily managed with logistics for consumer electronics that have proven reliable over countless applications.

Reverse logistics capabilities:

  • Business and Consumer Returns
  • Data Clearing
  • Product Disposition
  • Refund Processing
  • Warranty Adjudication

Cosmetic and technical repairs:

  • Defect Analysis
  • OEM-Certified Repair Services
  • Parts Procurement and Management
  • Recall Management


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Data Storage
  • Electronic Components
  • High-Tech, Print and Media
  • Home Appliances
  • Telecom Devices

Case study

Custom innovation for a global hospitality company


One of the world’s leading hospitality and amusement companies partnered with GXO to personalize and distribute wearable technology for the guests of its vacation facilities. The result elevated the guest experience to an unprecedented level by allowing the wearer to travel seamlessly between different destination points throughout the venues.


GXO invested considerable time and expertise in collaborating on a solution that uses RFID technology. Our industrial engineers worked closely with the customer and the manufacturer to develop a bespoke software and hardware solution that ensures efficiency, security and control. As a result, the personalization of the wearable devices is performed with 100% accuracy.

We also collaborated on an out-of-box experience that enhances our customer’s brand from the moment the guest receives the shipment. Our packaging engineers worked with vendors and artists to develop packaging that provides a delightful keepsake. Our industrial engineers ensured that the design met production and shipping objectives, and our purchasing professionals source materials that meet our customer’s criteria for high quality at low cost.


  • GXO’s RFID solution ensures that the right name is engraved every time as part of the fulfilment process, while the packaging enhances the out-of-box experience.
  • Our customized technology ensures, prior to distribution, that each wearable device works properly.
  • The entire order-management flow — from receiving to shipping — is efficient, transparent and secure.

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