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Reverse logistics

Maximizing value and protecting your brand for any return through any channel

For many companies, reverse logistics — the management of returned merchandise — is a daunting prospect. The complexity of services required, the intensity of consumer expectations and the cost of idle returns make reverse logistics a natural part of the supply chain to outsource. We can manage the entire returns process, including inbound receipt, inspection, refurbishment, repackaging, and return-to-retail or disposal, as well as refund management and warranty claims adjudication. Our software provides constant digital visibility, and our analytics forecast future volumes. These capabilities have proven robust enough for any channel, seasonality or product category.

To explore our fully-managed end-to-end service offering for consumer electronics and home appliance reverse logistics, visit our GXO ServiceTech offering.

Case study

Streamlined reverse logistics for a leading appliance manufacturer


A leading home-appliance brand selected GXO as its mission-critical partner to streamline its reverse logistics network. Returns were being processed by various providers at 92 sites, leading to inconsistent service quality, unpredictable deliveries and sub-par financial performance of the reverse logistics operations. The customer needed a transformational solution.


GXO engineered consistent, end-to-end, reverse logistics processes that include testing, repair, repackaging, storage and outbound shipments to the manufacturer’s second channel network. Our technology tracks product movements and inventory levels, providing visibility into each stage of the returns process in real time.


  • Enhanced end-market service levels through greater reliability
  • Better recovery achieved on the customer’s secondary market due to product grading improvements
  • Increased turns and profitability for the customer and reduced operational challenges for its returns team
  • Opportunities for continuous improvement in testing, repair and repackaging due to detailed analysis of product movements and associated costs

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