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GXO uses touchless machine-vision technologies to increase productivity and safety during data-gathering in our warehouses. This is a fast-evolving area of innovation in logistics environments, and we partner with leading manufacturers to trial applications in our operations. Our implementations and pilots range from wearable machine-vision technologies — including eyewear and gloves — to code scanners and other fixed-mount devices.

Case study

Collaboration adapts vision technology to logistics

GXO was the first logistics company to pilot a new vision technology in France, in real-life warehouse operations, following a successful pilot in the United Kingdom. The pilots are undertaken in collaboration with manufacturer Zebra Technologies and Voiteq, a leader in voice-directed solutions. Together, the companies have developed an inventory-picking application for the Zebra HD4000 enterprise head-mounted display, which has been adapted with GXO’s input.

Benefits include:

  • Widespread process efficiencies, including improved speed and accuracy during picking
  • A field-of-view Zebra display and Voiteq voice solution that communicates inventory locations and other essential information to workers
  • Real-time communication with workers, resulting in a greater ability to focus on important tasks
  • Easily reprogrammable to adjust to changes in operations

Case study

Smart-glove scanning drives efficiency gains

GXO has successfully piloted the ProGlove intelligent scanner in the United States. Worn on the back of the hand, the ProGlove can be paired with an augmented reality headset or other smart device. The ProGlove displays real-time information about storage locations, product identifiers and inventory levels. The technology integrates with our warehouse management platform and digital tools used in the order-preparation process.

Benefits include:

  • Six seconds saved per inventory pick, on average, representing an efficiency gain of about 10%
  • 75% reduction in errors per million units picked
  • Valuable data assimilated by our proprietary labor-productivity tools
  • Worker well-being supported by the scanner’s social distancing alerts and ergonomic design

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