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GXO’s ecommerce logistics are a staple of blue-chip supply chains around the globe. Our customers include pure-play e-tailers, omnichannel retailers and the growing number of manufacturers that sell direct to consumers. In each case, we can deliver greater efficiency, more speed and better visibility, as well as significant value in the form of data-driven decision-making. Ultimately, these companies want what their customers want, and our agile technology responds quickly to their expectations. From reliable fulfilment across a complex SKU range to 360-degree reverse logistics, we deliver superior outcomes at scale and proactively support growth with ecommerce logistics.

For UK brands we offer world-class Click & Collect service with Clicklink, which combines a fast, integrated solution with easy returns management, helping to win customers and stay relevant with one consistent experience.

Case study

Transformational change for a fashion retailer


A global fashion and cosmetics retailer sought a new logistics partner capable of working collaboratively to improve service and deliver best practices. The criteria included large-scale support for aggressive business growth, significant expertise with complex e-fulfilment operations and a track record of achieving sustainable cultural change.


GXO transferred ~2,000 core colleagues from the incumbent logistics supplier, with no impact on service levels, and executed a successful hearts-and-minds campaign designed to ensure staff retention and development. We extended the main warehouse space by 25%, accommodating twice the original storage capacity; installed two parcel sorters to increase throughput to 2.7 million items per week; and integrated a pouch sortation system to feed the packing stations.



reduced picking cost


improved picking accuracy

  • Retained the experienced workforce, with no disruption to service continuity during the transition
  • Created sustainable cultural improvements and a reenergized work environment
  • Reduced picking costs by 20% and improved picking accuracy by ~8%
  • Opened a second distribution center for this customer to handle its rapid growth
  • Leveraged best practices through a joint-partnership approach to planning and operational excellence

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