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Digitally-managed distribution of time-critical medical parts and devices

GXO responds to the unique needs of healthcare supply chains with critical fulfilment and inventory-management healthcare logistics for hospital supplies, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. We build smart, turnkey networks equipped to support time-critical and emergency deliveries and led by round-the-clock specialist teams. We also manage hundreds of thousands of sensitive, high-value medical SKUs, with rigorous handling of each unit according to required processes.

Key Service Components:

  • 99% on-time delivery record for critical spare parts
  • In-place parts network, including contracted services, that adjusts quickly based on changes in supply chain needs
  • In-place technology for order management, with continuous visibility
  • Inventory planning assistance to prevent shortages, manage expirations and reduce costs
  • Specialist team and site for co-packing and co-manufacturing pharmaceuticals, with automated and manual lines 
  • Temperature-controlled environments: storage through transit to end-customer delivery
  • FDA CFR Title 21, GMP, SEVESO, COMAH and locally compliant

Value-added Services:

  • Import/export operations, including customs clearance using simplified procedures
  • Pharmaceutical quarantine management
  • Reverse logistics (returns management), including product testing, inspection and refurbishment or destruction
  • Quality control of inbound product flows
  • Strict handling of narcotic products

Case study

Multichannel distribution management for a pharma leader


A British-based, multinational leader in the consumer goods sector entrusted GXO with the exclusive logistics management of its healthcare division in Italy. The customer, which manufactures health, hygiene and household products, had grown its healthcare division significantly through acquisitions and needed a logistics partner to manage the increase in volume. Our dual expertise in consumer goods and healthcare logistics was an ideal fit for this customer’s requirements.


GXO created an end-to-end healthcare logistics solution for the customer’s multiple pharma distribution channels — wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals. Inventory services include receipt of product in quarantine status, reworking in a tightly controlled GMP area and storage in temperature-defined warehouse spaces. Fulfilment includes order processing tailored to each channel, co-packing and customer satisfaction managed to high standards.


  • Renewed a multiyear contract in 2020, based on the customer’s satisfaction with our solution, with an expanded scope that includes new packaging activities
  • Fulfilled approximately 72,000 shipments per year and managed 35 million stock units (10,000 pallets) on average

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