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Value-added services

Customized services that help you adapt and grow your business

GXO has extensive experience helping customers navigate from traditional retail to omnichannel distribution. By partnering with us and leveraging our logistics services, retailers can focus their resources on the opportunities of ecommerce rather than on the daily complexities of logistics. In addition to managing inventory, fulfilment and returns, we provide a digital experience that engages consumers through mobile apps, subscription services and other loyalty builders. And our roster of value-added logistics services offers a range of benefits that can be customized for individual requirements.

Co-packing is a good example of a value-added service that is experiencing increasing demand. A co-packing solution consists of combining two or more similar products to create a single co-pack of consumer sales units. Co-packing can return dramatic efficiencies for customers and has become a popular way for retailers to handle large volumes without adding extra staff or equipment. We can very efficiently shrink-wrap, label, fill boxes, take quality-control measures and assemble units for promotional marketing.

Value-added services include:

  • Product personalization
  • Giftwrapping and messaging
  • Custom out-of-box experience 
  • Co-packing, kitting and bundling
  • Engineered packaging
  • Ticketing and labeling
  • Carrier selection and management

Case study

Value-added services launch a young manufacturer’s multichannel growth


A manufacturer of household appliances and accessories needed a supply chain partner that could respond quickly and also support growth. As a young company, the manufacturer lacked strong internal inventory controls, comprehensive parts management, a routing guide and forecasting abilities. Without those tools, the company relied on outsourcing to accommodate its aggressive sales model. 

As an additional challenge, the company was set to launch its products with several of the country’s largest big-box retailers within two months. Before that happened, it would need a new distribution center that was prepared to track inventory and to pick and pack orders with warehousing capacity, technology systems and EDI transactional capabilities all in place.


GXO relocated this customer’s logistics operations in an existing campus environment, leveraging in-place management, tenured associates and corporate resources to begin shipping to retail distribution centers in less than 60 days. Value-added services included full pallets, with individual labeling for big-box retailers and case-picking for independent retailers, as well as display-building, kitting, re-boxing, returns processing and e-fulfilment of orders placed online or through televised shopping networks. These value-added services operated effectively in both assembly-line and cell configurations, which provided the agility to react quickly to sales spikes from retail promotions.


  • Flexed from 60,000 square feet to more than 200,000 square feet to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in consumer demand
  • Set up 100 full-time employees in a 24-hour environment, five days a week, with additional shifts on weekends as needed
  • Within 15 months, through our value-added services, shipped over 80,000 specialized kits, built 4,000 pallet display modules and re-boxed over 100,000 units, with special projects averaging about 200,000 units each
  • Stock now distributed to more than 700 retailers across the United States, including flash retailers and pop-up locations
  • Diverse SKUs and specific shipping requirements for each fulfilment channel managed using a GXO-developed process
  • Retained employees during periods of lower demand, while reducing labor and overhead costs per customer, by utilizing a labor-sharing strategy with other customers

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