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Manufacturing support

Manufacturing Support GXO

Precision inventory and vendor management for better plant productivity

GXO helps manufacturers and other industrial companies manage complex inbound flows involving hundreds of suppliers and thousands of SKUs, improving uptime and just-in-time inventory management with expert manufacturing logistics support. We can work with your team to maximize plant utilization and adapt our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) software application to your production patterns.

Value-added manufacturing logistics support capabilities:

  • Advanced kitting capabilities
  • Controlled receipt, detrashing and staging of inflows
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
  • Inventory ownership transfer timed to arrival at production lines 
  • Packaging design and other contract service options
  • Point-of-use delivery  
  • Reusable container management
  • Subassembly and configuration services
  • VMI program design and management

Case study

Manufacturing logistics support for armored vehicles


A Fortune 500 defense corporation has been our customer since 2008, relying on our mission-critical services inside a government-owned, contractor-operated facility that manufactures combat vehicles. Our team is responsible for ensuring a timely supply of parts to the customer’s production operations.


GXO manages receiving, inspection, inventory control and lineside delivery of parts to the customer’s plant, supporting tank production and vehicle upgrades. We also perform kitting and distribution services, including international shipping. Our logistics support model utilizes lineside and re-order point-to-bin (ROP2) processes that eliminate waste close to customer operations, with standard work instructions (SWIs) to sustain efficiencies.


  • Zero OSHA recordable incidents at the site for three consecutive years 
  • 63% improvement in inventory accuracy, 50% reduction in dock-to-stock time and more than 90% improvement in issue resolution time
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification attained for the site
  • Added 70,000 square feet to the facility, including 2,000 additional rack storage locations and improved facility amenities 
  • Maintained target service metrics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Upgraded material handling fleet, saving customer money through improved efficiency 
  • Retained collaborative relationship with this customer, ensuring that deliverables evolve with needs

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