Safety at Heart on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and Every Day

Malcolm Wilson, Chief Executive Officer–Europe | April 28, 2021

Every day, everywhere XPO Logistics operates – in every office, site, warehouse, dock and on the road – safety is our first value. It is intrinsic to everything we do in our workplace. Working together to keep safety – in all of its aspects – top of mind for our colleagues, partners and customers is the true cultural shift we are making as we continue our safety journey.

Responding to Covid-19

While health and safety has long been at the top of our agenda, the global pandemic amplified factors relating to employee safety and well-being and called for us to rapidly adapt our procedures. The pandemic has taken its toll on society in the wider sense and we’ve taken great care to combine our rigorous approach to physical health and safety protocol with the emotional wellbeing of our teams.

We implemented daily health affirmations, social distancing, provided PPE, offered remote work, and enhanced cleaning, among other measures. I was so inspired to see how our team rose to the occasion; looking out for each other, staying focused and continuing to get the job done for all those who relied on us.

You can find out more about our response to Covid-19 in this video.

Our Approach to Safety: Road to Zero

This emphasis on safety in every aspect of our organization was the foundation for our Road to Zero safety program. With this program, we aim to achieve zero occupational injuries and illnesses while ensuring the emotional security of our team members.

This initiative encompasses employee training, compliance measures and cultivating safety disciplines. Our vision is to build a culture where everyone is empowered to do what it takes to ensure their safety and the welfare of others.

We’ve invested in our integrated safety infrastructure, such as industry-leading driver safety programs and safety technologies.  We provide technical solutions to safety hazards in an effort to deliver the safest working conditions and environment.  We’ve also launched wellbeing programs that include mental health awareness initiatives with training and activities to support our teams.

OUr approach to safety

A Culture Focused on Safety 

Our Road to Zero program is also about changing the way we think about preventing accidents. It is a way to encourage team members to review their safety behavior and habits and reemphasize the importance of these practices. It encourages people to talk about safety and report anything that doesn’t look or feel right.

Our inclusive safety culture entails getting all colleagues to take responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of their fellow employees. By building this culture centered around safety, we look to encourage a continual dialogue among employees about the importance of personal and workplace safety.

Safety Embedded in Everything We Do

Keeping our teams safe in the workplace remains our number one priority, in every department and in every location.  It is part of our DNA as people and as a business.

I’m proud to see our team embrace a safety mindset and see a yearly improvement on our safety goals — thank you to all of our team members and partners for their commitment. Together we help make the world a safer and healthier place to work and live.