Success story

Sky implements a repair and refurbishment solution for TVs with GXO ServiceTech


Customer challenge

Sky,one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment companies, sought the expertise of GXO ServiceTech to create a returns solution for the repair and refurbishment of Sky Glass, the company’s new streaming TV. 


Working with Sky, GXO ServiceTech created a purpose-built repair centre and staffed it with experienced technical engineers to repair and refurbish Sky Glass TVs. The solution also aims to minimize electronic waste and support Sky’s 2030 Net Zero Commitments.


In the first year of operation, the GXO purpose-built repair centre leveraged two dedicated shifts to process over 20,000 TVs in a range of sizes and colours. One of the key objectives is to return 100% of the repaired and refurbished TVs to the market. The GXO team, in conjunction with Sky, also established an outer packaging solution that refurbishes the original single-use plastic-free packaging for reuse. This significantly reduces the requirement for new boxes and minimizes associated packaging waste.