Reducing environmental impact

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Sustainability in our operations

We promote sustainability in our operations and corporate infrastructure for two reasons. First, it’s good business and the right thing to do. And second, it’s important to many of our stakeholders that we participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy — which means that we take that transition even more seriously. We do it by collaborating with customers to create action plans that reduce emissions related to their supply chains through technology-enabled route optimization, load consolidation and process automation.



ISO certification for environmental management at many XPO facilities

Fuel emissions from forklifts

Monitored at warehouses, with protocols in place to take immediate corrective action if needed

Reusable tools

Kitting tools, manufactured by XPO, used for multiple installations of parts in customer operations

Warehouse of the future

An environmentally advanced, futuristic logistics facility in the United Kingdom, with ammonia refrigeration systems, under construction in partnership with Nestlé

Used goods recycling

Millions of electronic components and batteries recycled annually as a byproduct of reverse logistics operations

Energy efficiency evaluations

Performed prior to selecting warehouses for lease

Optimal packaging

The most efficient carton sizes used for distributed products, and recycled packaging utilized when feasible

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